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A small step towards healthy green lifestyle….

We at Aranyam believe in exploring and learning all that nature and healthy living has to offer. Living a healthy life, choosing a green lifestyle, may require a bit of relearning and our choices make a big impact on our life. It is about trying to replace old habits with new eco-friendly habits or choosing foods and products that are free from chemicals, are natural and help us live a healthier life.
Aranyam Naturals
Aranyam Naturals


A small step can lead to a movement and it is a matter of pride that Aranyam Natural Options, a social start up, took a lead in the direction of a healthy lifestyle by being a pioneer in introducing the high curcumin Lakadong Turmeric, which comes straight from the farmers. A visit to Meghalaya, a few years back and a chance meeting with a missionary who works with tribals in the remote villages of North East; a request from her to help the farmers of her village lead to the creation of Aranyam. It was an initiative towards supporting these tribal farmers by utilizing our own funds. The outcomes have been encouraging for sustaining the activity and extending our support to them.

The bane of modern practices in agriculture has been the utilization of synthetic inputs such as fertilizers, pesticides, hormones, feed additives. North East offers agricultural products which are totally free from these constraints. The farmers grow Lakadong Turmeric using traditional farming methods, which is location specific and has the highest curcumin content 7-10%. It surpasses all variants of turmeric available in the market, is organic by default and does not need to be boiled before drying. The response to the immunity boosting turmeric was immediate and we had to quickly expand our setup, enabling us to bring more families into our ambit.

We were again the first to introduce a miscellany of Turmeric Health Drink readymixes with black pepper and other spices and have received a very good response which cuts across all age groups. Besides this, we are also promoting Raw Multiflora Forest Honey collected by the tribals from Cherrapunji & Mawsynram Forests of North East, having highest rainfall in the world. The honey from these natural forest locations is subjected to minimal processing to retain nutritive benefits. 

All are in-house products, prepared and packaged with passion and the base is the goodwill of customers, many of whom are repeat buyers. The customer demand has led to increase in the product range, which follows the same pattern of focus on healthy green. The journey has been interesting, and we feel humbled by the support & encouragement we have been getting in our endeavour.

Aranyam Naturals