Benefits of Honey

Aanyam’s raw wildflower, multiflora forest honey is pure and completely natural, collected by tribals and coming straight from the unpolluted dense jungles of Mawsynram and Cherrapunji located on the southern slopes of Khasi hills in the North East. The lush green forests receive the highest rainfall in the world. and the widely spread-out natural landscape with a magnificent collection of flowers and fauna provide an excellent environment for the bees. There are no large human habitations, and the forest honey originates from the rolling thick forests with spread out villages  

The forest honey from these locations has a natural advantage and harvesting by traditional beekeepers of the region with their years of knowledge ensures that the nutritive value of honey is preserved and delivered to customers. The taste and composition varies depending upon the flowers in bloom at that point of time. The honey is raw, unheated, unprocessed and full of natural minerals, is delicious and good for health.

The honey crystallizes easily and is sometimes creamy in texture. Pure raw honey when placed in a cool environment will naturally crystalize and if the container is placed in hot water or in the sun it will regain its original texture. The forest honey has no added ingredients and its natural flavour and aroma makes it irresistible for all age groups.


Include honey in your everyday food.

When added to porridge or spread on toast, the enzymes in honey help to digest the carbohydrates.

Replace refined sugar with nutritious honey in your tea, coffee, milk, juices, breakfast cereals.

Spread honey instead of jam on bread, use it in preparation of cakes, pancakes, desserts, etc.